Lawn Equipment

Staff housing tenants are responsible for the upkeep of their yards and gardens.

TSRA will supply lawn maintenance equipment for tenants shared use. This will include lawn mowers, brush cutters/whipper snippers and a high pressure water cleaner.

Lawn mowers and brush cutters/whipper snippers will be distributed amongst staff houses so as to allow easy access for the use of all tenants in an area. i.e. A lawn mower and whipper snipper are stored at 14 Nawie St for the use of all Horn Island residents, a lawn mower and whipper snipper are stored at 1/2 Quetta Close for the use of all Quetta Close residents.

It is a condition of use that all lawn equipment is returned to its home location cleaned and filled with petrol & oil after each use.

The high pressure water cleaner is available for tenant use for the cleaning of driveways, paths etc. This item is stored at the TSRA storage shed and is available for use by contacting the Assets Officer.

Information on the operation and maintenance of all equipment is available from the Assets Officer.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to advise TSRA immediately of any missing or damaged equipment or any item requiring repairs or servicing.

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